The Hemp Industry Trade Association for: Farmers, Breeders, Processors, Builders, Manufacturers, Resellers.

Executive Committee / Board of Directors

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Executive Director:

Founder / Chairman of the Board of Directors

Wayne Richman

Member of the Executive Committee

A former Apple, Inc. business development executive with responsiblity for the Los Angeles Unified School District and the Los Angeles County Office of Education accounts for Apple, Inc.

Founder of Tone-Guard®, a premier guitars parts manufacturing company.

Founder of Sprout Forge 3D, a high tech scanning company for reverse engineering.
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Michael Kerner

Member of the Executive Committee -

Seven Hills Films

Bio: Born in Brooklyn, Michael started in business at an early age. It was the “Age of Aquarius” and fashion was at an explosive stage. Michael, together with a few friends designed and manufactured trend T- shirts with iconic logos including the early licensing of Disney characters. The company started importing goods overseas and quickly grew to include a vast array of fashion items ranging from shirts, tops and sweaters for both men and women in what was to become known as unisex clothing. Today Michael's interests include bringing industrial hemp to clothing, Made in the U.S.A.