The Hemp Industry Trade Association for: Farmers, Seed Breeders, Processors, Manufacturers, and Resellers.

CHA’s Mission:

The mission of the California Hemp Association (formerly known as the California Hemp Alliance) is to promote commerce and research of industrial hemp and it’s applications. As a member-driven entity, CHA operates with industry stakeholders to bolster innovation and expansion of hemp as a recognized and valued commodity for California industry and the greater public.

CHA administers resources, education, public affairs, and networking opportunities to companies and individuals seeking guidance and counsel in participating in California’s hemp industry.

CHA’s Code of Ethics for our Business Members:

CHA members are required to comply with a Code of Good Ethics & and lawful Business Practices; similar to the Business and Professions Code of the State of California, and to adhere to all of its policies and principles. The Code can be revised by the adoption of trade recommendations. The CHA actively pursues the adoption of specific trade recommendations that serve to provide informed guidance for the hemp industry. These policies are developed when it is determined that a significant body of evidence warrants standards beyond those mandated by the local, state and federal laws that govern the hemp industry. By taking responsibility for its own business practices, CHA and its members ensure that those practices are informed by knowledge and experience.

Guidance Policies:

CHA develops guidance policies to advance its mission to promote commerce and research of industrial hemp and it’s applications. These policies address a variety of industry and regulatory issues to reflect the consensus of CHA’s members and its board of directors. Unlike CHA’s trade recommendations, compliance with CHA’s guidance policies is not a condition of membership. CHA encourages its members and non-member companies to adopt each of these policies in the interest of establishing consistent and informed trade practices.

CHA Bylaws:

CHA's Bylaws serve as a constitutional document to guide the operation of the Association. The Bylaws define the various CHA membership categories, describe the structure and authority of the board of trustees, and establishes rules for elections and other decision-making processes. Through the Bylaws, the rights of each company and individual that joins CHA are ensured.  


The California Hemp Association (CHA) is the state trade and consumer association and voice of the hemp industry stakeholders in California. CHA is comprised of U.S. companies and individuals doing business as growers, processors, manufacturers, retailers, and advocates of industrial hemp. Founded in November of 2016, CHA’s mission is to promote the commerce and research of industrial hemp and it’s applications.

We are the advocate for the NEW multi-billion dollar industry,
growing, processing and utilizing hemp products in California.

Agriculture I Processors I Resellers I Consumers

CHA is the governing body of industrial hemp in California that promotes the public and private interests of stakeholders engaged in the commerce and research of hemp and its applications.

Key Activities:

Regulatory Agencies – CHA actively engages with state and federal agencies that regulate industrial hemp and its production and commercialization. Along with collaborating between other non-profits operating in relational sectors.

The CA Dept. of Food and Ag (CDFA), USDA, FDA, EPA, SBA and other stakeholder public agencies.

State and Local Governments — CHA monitors the activities of state and local governments and represents the hemp
products industry when issues and legislation impact the commerce and research of industrial hemp products, such as California's Proposition 64.


Appointed CHA staff act as spokespersons for the California hemp industry and CHA maintains relationships with journalists and editors at national, international, and industry-related media. CHA works to publicize the benefits of industrial hemp and correct inaccurate information published about this industry. CHA's subject-matter experts have been quoted in the national press and media.

Media Responses — CHA continually monitors the media and scientific journals and responds when appropriate to correct or inaccurate information.

Public Relations — Through its advocacy, website, social media and other publications CHA promotes the hemp industry in California. CHA has a lobbyist and presence, in Washington D.C.

The CHA has recently announced the newly formed non-profit California Hemp Foundation (CHF) to promote hemp education, research and the applied use of hemp in a wide variety of products and technologies.

Market Intelligence — CHA’s regular email Updates, Alerts and monthly newsletter, keep CHA members informed about the latest legal, regulatory, science and media developments that impact their business models.


Educational Seminars — CHA regularly produces in-person and online educational events featuring industry-leading experts providing information on the issues that impact direct commercialization of industrial hemp and its applied uses.