A Consumer and Trade Association

We have assembled the most knowledgeable and experienced team dealing with Industrial Hemp in the USA.

We are pleased to have the following advisors on our team as members of our Board of Directors. These board members represent decades of combined experience in Industrial Hemp.
Chris Conrad - Former President of the HIA (Hemp Industries Association). Publisher.

Linda Delair - Hemp Historian/Activist.

Chris Boucher - Founder of the HIA (Hemp Industries Association).

Rick Benson - Benson Family Farm, Imperial County.

Jean Johnson - Hemp Historian/Activist.

Matt McClain - Hemp business owner - Recreator.

Joshua Chase - Grower's Transplanting, Inc., Research and Development Manager.

Michael Kerner - Seven Hills Productions.

Wayne Richman - Former Apple Business Development Executive, Tone-Guard@ Founder.

Boris Sharansky - CEO - Pappas & Barkley.

More to be announced…………….